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Cypress Research Associates, LLC has the expertise you need to get accurate research results, and provides great customer service along the way. Why is Cypress Research Associates, LLC the company you can trust?

v      Professional Expertise. Senior Cypress Research Associates staff members hold advanced research degrees and have more than 30 years of combined experience in various research methodologies and content areas.  

v    Creative Solutions.  At Cypress Research Associates, we work to develop unique solutions for our client’s business challenges. We identify and adopt new technologies/strategies to help expedite the research process.

v    Personal Attention.  Senior staff members work in close collaboration with each client, ensuring that our client’s needs are met at every phase of the research process. 

v      On-Time Delivery with the Highest Quality Controls.  Research reports and presentations are produced in a timely manner. We exercise the highest standards of objectivity and accuracy in study development, data collection, entry & analysis, and reporting.

v    Clear Reporting.  Research reports are clearly written and user–friendly so results are actionable.

v      Long-Term Partnership.  Our clients value the partnership they have with Cypress Research Associates and its key benefit: Better understanding of our clients’ business issues and more insightful research.

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