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Cypress Research Associates, LLC collaborates with you to select the most appropriate method or combination of methods depending on your research needs.  We employ a full range of research methods to answer your questions, including:

     Focus Groups: Cypress Research Associates will develop a protocol based on your research objectives, recruit appropriate participants, facilitate the focus groups, & analyze focus group results. Focus groups are particularly useful in showing participants a particular product, service, or marketing strategy and obtaining feedback.

     Online Surveys:  Surveys conducted online can be a valuable, cost–effective method of reaching a target population. We are experts in online survey programming, dissemination and analysis.

     Mail & Telephone Surveys:  Cypress Research Associates will work with you to select the appropriate sample, develop the survey instrument, and conduct surveys either by mail or telephone.

      Intercept Interviews:  Consumers can be intercepted at a particular business, organization, or event and interviewed regarding their perceptions and experiences. Cypress Research Associates can work with you to develop other types of ethnographic studies, as well, which involve research conducted in people’s natural environments.

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      Executive/Key Informant Depth Interviews:  In–depth interviews can be conducted with key informants who are selected because of the uniquely valuable insights they can provide on a particular product or service. Cypress Research Associates staff will target appropriate key informants and will gather detailed insights about your products and services.

      Analysis and Reporting:  Cypress Research Associates conducts quantitative and qualitative data analysis of results. Results are clearly written and graphically presented with clear insights and actionable recommendations for your company.